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15-May-2020 06:21

); gay life in the larger city vs in the rural countryside; attitudes of straight people you know… However, I have also dated local guys and it seems to me gay life is pretty ‘straight’ forward here. I have lots of straight friends who actually don’t find being gay is a big thing in Fiji.

Most of my straight friends, or I must say all of them, are cool with me being gay.

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A 100% free Online Dating service for New Zealand singles with loads of quality features to help you connect with friends in New Zealand and worldwide. I can see how many people in Fiji or incoming tourists may become scared of this. 1) Fiji is the second country in the world that has ratified the UN convention against any form of discrimination toward sexual orientation. 2) Fiji also had a right to privacy act whereby people can practice any form of sexual act as far as it’s not within the domain or the public sphere.But there is no longer any need for people to be scared about this. Now, I am sure people may ask why then the two guys as stated above were taken into custody in the first place.As long as it is not out in the open or in the public domain.

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I see lots of gay tourists coming here for holidays and holding hands and are still welcome by our people. For example, I am living in Suva with my Australian boyfriend here.

I have friends who have partners here in Fiji and are open about their relationships and being gay is accepted by lots of people here in Fiji. I am a local Indian guy and we don’t experience any form of discrimination in our lives—and we have organized lots of gay parties.