78 rpm record dating no fear dating com

08-Aug-2020 20:32

I keep these 4 ot 5 of these boxes handy--just the right size for 78s (I am talking about a box within a bigger box, with bubble-wrap and plastic peanuts for protection). When shipping heavy 78s, send your box UPS (the advantage is free insurance up to 0) or U. Postal (the advantage is that 4th class postage can be quite low).

The larger the collection, the more likely there are interesting items.

But if you see the word "stomp" or "jug band" on records, you may have some very hot titles!

If the relative (an uncle, father, mother) who left behind the collection was the original buyer of the 78s long ago, the collection will reflect the tastes of that individual, and there are usually discernible patterns within the collection--for example, mostly big band hits, or mostly classical.

Think about how they view an appraisal situation: they have nothing to lose by citing high prices, and they know that high figures will please the owners of the records. It is easy for someone compiling a price guide to make up figures on what specific 78s are worth, and people who compile price guides do that all the time--they just make up figures! If a collector says your records are too common to be interesting and declines to make an offer, there would be no point in asking, "Can you give me the name of someone who will buy the records?

" Most record-collectors are not seeking uninteresting 78s.Your best hope of selling such records is to find a non-collector who believes, in error, that ALL old records must be worth something.

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