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I sent a little weird DVD of movies I made and a note saying I would love to get him coffee. Glamour: What aspect of the business brings you the most happiness?Matthew: It sounds so cheesy, but making people smile."It's what I've always dreamed of doing," reveals Gubler. He used to have really long hair, and [I look like] that odd mix of Steve Buscemi and him. [] one night and wanted to cast me opposite of what my character is on this show."I helped produce it, and I couldn't be more proud."But first, it's time to learn more about the actor. Glamour: Who is the person people say you most look like? [John] almost played my dad on ]Glamour: No, you totally do! He wanted me to play the meathead because it's something you wouldn't expect.It never affected me, and that's why I'm so thankful for them.I learned early on that if anything, it made me stick closer to who I am and not try…it just made me very solid with who I was. It taught me a beautiful lesson, and I'm really grateful for it.Every blanket sold, one will be given to a kid in need. Matthew: It's all I've ever wanted to do. They had a fishing line that attached around my ear because I kind of got bullied a lot, so it was easier to repair those than glasses that had bands.I like the idea of giving things to people in need. I have a crazy memory, and I remember being two years old at someone's party and thinking, "This party is boring! " I got up and tried to do this really dumb dance that I saw Winnie the Pooh do, and I remember falling over and thinking, "This is what it's all about."Glamour: What did your parents think? Matthew: They are the most lovely, encouraging parents a kid could ever ask for. I've been wearing fedoras since I was six years old until I wore that hat to the Beach Boys concert. They are probably the ugliest glasses you've ever seen in your entire life, but very practical.

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She had dated some people and was sort of like, "I'm fine with either being alone or not," and then she met Steve, who swept her off her feet and then she knew what the lifetime of waiting was for. Glamour: You were in a relationship with ' Kat Dennings for some time. You gotta be friends with them forever because if I'm going to date someone, it's a real big thing for me.

I'm really proud of everything I've done as a director. And I can't wait to make more videos and direct more stuff. Glamour: What made you guys work so well, and how were you able to stay such good friends with her?

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