Anime dating online games for girls

21-Sep-2020 05:11

Honestly, the engaging story itself is a good enough reason for people to dive into .hack//series!This is the game of your dream—perhaps when you were still a little girl, perhaps even now.And all the while, you’ll still have to balance your school life with solving the murder case.

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And when the player finishes the game, you’d be given choices to marry off Haseo with the female characters—and one peculiar male character that would set the fujoshi giggling—in game.

Regardless of consoles, games oftentimes go hand-in-hand with anime adaptations—or the opposite, games are sometimes adaptations from a very popular anime series.

Nowadays, it’s rather impossible to get into the culture of anime without also touching games; even if one isn’t an avid gamer.

Developed by Atlus and released on July 2008, Persona 4 has since gotten an enhanced port to PSVita under the title Persona 4 Golden, two anime adaptations, several manga adaptations, two fighting games-based sequels, and even a rhythm game.

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Narukami Yu, the main character of Persona 4 The Animation, is a silent protagonist in the game whose personality really depends on whichever answer we pick as a player.The franchise, developed by Cyber Connect2, consisted of series of games with several anime titles in-between, and each title usually has another manga or novel adaptation.

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