Ass dating smart

21-Oct-2020 08:27

When you sign on to deceive another, play games and sneak around you are, in essence, telling her that you have no expectation of truth, dignity or monogamy. Women who live by this mantra are, again, giving you a full, free preview of what they think of men and how they will treat you one you’re on board.Speaking as a woman, most of the females that I know who live by such mantras are usually using them to get a man to kowtow and jump through hoops like a monkey at a side show in order to manipulate him into doing things for her.

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The Smart-Ass is one of the types of women to avoid.‘I am independent’ ‘I do not need a man to fulfill me’ ‘I will never be bare foot and pregnant’ ‘I am gainfully employed and valued by my male colleagues’ ‘Women are intimidated by me’ Blah blah blah.What she doesn’t say is – ‘I am medicated’ You get what you ask for.If you date a conceited woman she will never treat you as an equal, in her eyes she will always be better than you. When you are seeking a long term relationship with someone you should find someone who will appreciate you for the person you are.

You should try to avoid someone who will speak to you in a condescending way, or someone who will try to impose their will upon you.You’re being used…with your permission of course and when it ends (and it will) you’re left broke, busted and depressed.