Backdating a file using touch

12-Oct-2019 08:54

At the same time, make will still see the files in debian/foo with the timestamps make expects, and will thus not redo most of the copies and compilations, as it would if the actual files had been backdated with touch.This speeds up some complex package builds on the buildds, and much more importantly speeds up local builds on the maintainer's own machine.

backdating a file using touch-51

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Using tar command line options to normalize the timestamps inside the archives allows preserving the make-needed properties in the build tree, but the user-needed properties in the packages.If you start IEx manually and try the different System.system_time/os_time functions, what are the differences between them and the date command? The written file is meant to be behind date, but only for small amounts (the amount it takes for you to run a command).

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