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12-Jan-2020 19:32

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"When they automatically and repeatedly go to the worst case scenarios in situations, you should stop and look at whether or not there is any history or experience to support that.

If there is none, you are able to start to realize that historically things have worked out far better than they had imagined, and how much time they wasted stuck in a state of worry and negativity.”When you were in high school and college, the world probably seemed mighty bigger than it is today.

However, in doing so, they do not open themselves to a more realistic or positive outcome." If catastrophizing sounds a lot like what you do when you approach certain areas of your life — from your career to finding love — Martinez notes that it’s far more common than you may realize.

“People do this because they tell themselves that they are preparing themselves for the worst-case scenario," she says.

Here’s how you can stop expecting the terrible: It’s easy when you feel like the world around you is crumbling or everything that you thought to be true, is suddenly gone.

Or, when you keep trying your hardest, only to find roadblocks at every turn.

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But there’s no better way to describe what life was like back then.) We were working at full-time office jobs, going through an intensive coach-training program, getting our business off the ground simultaneously.There were so many days when I was to walking in my boss’ office and giving my notice semi-impulsively. All these fears kept creeping up, and they all got back to the same scary question: What if I gave all my energy to this business … It was then that I had a realization that changed everything and convinced me to give this thing a shot: When I thought about my answer to that scary “what if I fail?

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