Boy vey the shiksa s guide to dating jewish men

07-Aug-2020 04:24

I mean, if all men are pigs, then are we any worse?

Could this particularly long list of Jewish men in the headlines just be explained by the abundance of Jewish men in entertainment, media, and politics?

There is an inherent danger in talking about Jewish men and sexual perversion.I’m a Reconstructionist Jew and I work in education.We are talking about Jewish men and sexual transgressions in the aftermath of #metoo.“I can’t stand Al Franken’s politics,” he says, “but he shouldn’t have lost his job.And when commentator Mark Oppenheimer wrote in that Weinstein is a “deeply Jewish kind of pervert” he had to follow up quickly with a public apology for implying that somehow there was a unique type of Jewish sexual perversion.

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My friend and I, like most Ashkenazi men, grew up spoon-fed on the following pride-inducing factoids: Jewish men were superior to other men when it came to winning Nobel Prizes, writing comedy, accounting, making money on the stock market, and pressing lawsuits.” he said, which I think he said to break the tension and feelings of shame that we were experiencing as we were talking about these Jewish men in the headlines– and internally digging into the memories that we each had of sexual missteps that we made as young men.