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28-Jan-2020 12:30

It’s a lonely place, and fear piles on frustration – fear that you’re out of your depth, that you’ll never be any good at this. It’s hard to think of anything else – when you close your eyes, you can just see code.What good will mastering this technology do anyways? You’re sitting in the meeting area, waiting for your demo, palms sweating, fearful of what’s to come. The clack of the keyboard has burrowed its way into your mind.

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But distractions are real and have a huge negative impact on getting things done.There will just be another one to learn, it’s impossible to learn. There’s a steel rod where your shoulders should be, and when you try to sleep, the buzzing of your mind keeps you awake.Tomorrow doesn’t sound like much fun right now, although it might be better if you could just get some sleep…Which means we’re missing out on that most important moment – right now.

For most of us, there are AMAZING aspects of our current situations that we’re missing out on by just not paying attention, or by giving these not-now thoughts way too much value!We dream of futures where we have all the answers; or that we are the World’s Greatest Coder (I’m still waiting for my medal! We remember easier times, or harder times, or any time that isn’t right now.