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I was finding it very hard to find anyone who could point to anything positive that Rice had achieved while in office.

It was a shocking interview with Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, Colin Powell’s Chief of Staff, that made me realise that Rice’s story had a Faustian dimension, however.

Congressman David Price castigated her for failing to provide oversight over private contractors in Iraq and accused her of covering up the 2007 Nisour Square massacre.

Spike Lee berated her jolly outing to see Spamalot while families were drowning in New Orleans.

I was disheartened that Rice had refused our requests for an interview, but others acceded, including Republican colleagues, her top biographers, and various Congressmen.

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The failure to sell the film, and to pay my team, has been very painful for me.A lifelong Republican, Wilkerson was party to the meetings of the senior Bush officials who decided what “enhanced interrogation techniques” would be used on which “illegal enemy combatants”.