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30-Oct-2020 19:25

If the Curta is in such poor condition that disassembly is extremely difficult, the charges may be higher.

If your Curta has been serviced within the last twenty years, the cleaning costs will possibly be lower.

The Curta will not be returned until the service diagnostic charge and return shipping cost is paid in full.

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Repair parts will be, whenever possible, NOS (new, old stock) factory original components.After the service is completed, full functionality of the Curta will be confirmed, and the unit will be returned to the owner.A Curta submitted to Timewise simply for service diagnostics will incurr a charge, plus return shipping.A Curta whose lubricating oils have hardened significantly during long term storage will be damaged when the crank is turned. The demand for cleaning and repair service of the the Curta is increasing because of recent print and broadcast articles extolling the virtues of these semi-antique mechanical marvels.

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Curta owners often are reminded of their old keepsakes and retrieve them from storage trunks and desk drawers.

To complicate matters, volatile compounds in the original lubricating oils can evaporate, leaving behind a sticky residue that impedes the movement of sliding gears and levers.