Dating impotent man

22-Feb-2020 08:16

I stayed with him for a few months but eventually the relationship broke down. But we stayed together for over a year because we got along so well together.I felt very badly for him, since it was due to his problem which he didn’t seem to be able to fix. He said that I “embarrassed” him, because I was “too beautiful.” He explained that when we walked into a room, he could hear the heads click as they turned, and he could sense the men speculating on the size of his sexual equipment. However, after about a year his problem was resolved and he was able to perform.Erectile dysfunction and impotence happen to most men at least once in their lifetime as I learnt later.He did not want to consult a specialist either since he was in the pink of health otherwise.His ego wouldn’t let him seek help My ex did not want to discuss it with his family or friends, although he was blessed with a wide circle of male buddies.In hindsight, my heart tells me, they would have supported rather than derided him as I feared they would.By then, the damage (to her psyche and emotional health) has already been wrought. for seven-odd years that I was in a relationship with a guy who had erectile dysfunction.We never had sex in the conventional sense of the word.

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There were no flowers, no proclamations of love, no surprise gifts or a single Valentine’s Day celebration in all those years of being a couple.Because my ex couldn’t get it up, even the thought of getting naked was embarrassing for him.“Let’s talk instead, it’s so much better” was his plea when I tried to initiate anything.I was so happy that we could at last have a normal healthy sexual relationship.

The next morning he was very distant with me and he left abruptly. I finally got him to respond to my calls, texts and emails asking what was wrong.There was not much foreplay either because even getting to first base made him realise that he “wasn’t a real man”.