Dating marriage customs brazil

27-Oct-2020 13:16

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All the guests then dance and throw cash around it.

The Brazil wedding tradition is performed to wish the couple financial prosperity.

It is very uncommon to hear people at the wedding with matching attires.

This is done at a local spa where they spend time relaxing.

The weddings are often characterized as a lively, fun-filled, and extravagant affair. Portuguese is a beautiful language, and to understand wedding traditions in Brazil better, you will need these words: The Brazil traditional weddings combine religious rituals and more common customs to form a standard wedding ceremony.

Brazilians offer a rich set of creative and numerous traditions and customs.

It is more preferable for the bridesmaids to wear different brightly colored dresses.

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Bumba-meu-boi is one of the most unique Brazilian wedding traditions.The ceremony requires that the groom proves his worth to the bride’s family by taming a donkey.