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23-Oct-2020 15:20

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You can text like SMS and talk to anyone nearby easily. Child marriage is common and rarely condemned in South Sudan.

As it stands, the constitution does not define a minimum age for marriage in South Sudan.

The man had colluded with her relatives to make her his wife, agreeing he would pay 10 cows and the equivalent of 3,500 dollars to them if he could take the child as his wife.

Politicians often wed children In accordance with Dinka customs, men can marry underage girls.

The post was taken down two weeks later, by which time the parents had settled with the highest bidder and the marriage was sealed. Alat offered over 500 cows, three top range Toyota Land Cruisers and 10,000 dollars in cash.

The parents were pleased, and Nyalong and Alat – a local businessman reported to have more than half a dozen wives – were married in a traditional Dinka ceremony.Two weeks earlier, Alat came in as the highest bidder for Nyalong's hand in marriage and settled on an elaborate dowry with her parents.