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18-Sep-2020 19:52

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Are you ready to find out what is the experience in plus size dating app like as a member of a Woo Plus dating site?This should be the first impression when curvy women first join Woo Plus.Other dating apps show only 20% of female users get answers to their messages while Woo Plus reaches up to 36.74% within 24 hours. During these years, we continuously optimize match system with machine-learning, to make sure the profiles of the female can be more precisely suggested to people who have a higher match possibility.What’s more, according to our data, male members keep active in Woo Plus since Woo Plus is a niche app with women whom they regard as more attractive than women in general dating apps.It was shaping up to be the bloody Noah’s Ark of dating with one man of every ‘type.’Seriously though, I was in my mid-thirties and was hoping to find myself a good man and rather than sitting in my apartment wondering why I’m single and waiting for someone to come knocking on my door I decided to do something about it.Although, (spoiler alert) one of the 50 Fat Dates actually did come knocking on my door.

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Actually, I found it super easy to date in Los Angeles. All 18 dates asked me out again and I certainly broadened my horizons when it came to dating outside my ‘type’. I think there’s always that person who changes you and he was that for me.

In addition to encouraging users to take the first step, we also added a new feature to help female users make sensible choices at the end of 2016.

This feature called Review allows them to review and rate their experience with Woo Plus male users.

I persuaded myself through cliches, “It’s a numbers game. Every lid has a teapot.”And with that 50 Fat Dates was born. Also, because plus size dating is a taboo, because so many big girls (including me) have been told they’re ‘too fat to date,’ because I wanted to find out what guys really think about dating plus size women and because I needed to put myself out there! Although based on the response I’m sure that would have been possible. I tried online dating, meetups, introductions, dating events, big girl night clubs, conferences, weddings, and networking mixers.

It’s a plus size dating quest not a string of sweaty one night stands. I was also aiming for a cross section of men so I didn’t go after the same ‘type’ of guy I always dated.

Woo Plus has approximately 69.44% male users and 30.56% female users, which means curvy women truly have more admirers than they believe.