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10-Dec-2019 06:21

There's no need to overanalyze a straightforward, exclamation-points-less text as long as you are both open and communicative with each other in real life.

Days are busy, life is hard, texting is annoying, and maybe you're both just not that into doing it.

Also, a hot tip I just learned: I started turning on my text preview so that I see the actual text of any text messages I get when my home screen is locked.

This makes it so that when I open my phone later, I have a bunch of little red notifications over in i Message to remind me to reply to texts I may have gotten in transit. I literally do not know what this means, but for me, it usually means that I am head-over-heels for someone and going out of my way to seem unavailable.

If you and your cutie are sending lots of "o"s and "y"s at the tail end of words, you're conveying a pleased and playful tone.

I particularly see a triple "hahaha" as a great sign that you've actually made each other laugh out loud.

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Again, I'm 28, the dating book is over ten years old, and texting like an a-hole has gotten me into more fights than marriages. Texting can be the first indicator of what a person is like when you start dating, especially now that we all meet by exchanging numbers with strangers whose faces we swiped via algorithm. We all emote differently on the internet, so cut them some slack.)The other awkward "I'm-overtly-trying-to-flirt-but-have-no-jokes" move is to elongate vowels in quotidien words like "amazing." (See: "amaaaaaazing.") The vowel-extensions either drive me nuts or keep me coming back for more.

When people feel they have a unique contribution to make, they become compelled to respond.

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