Dating site pop ups

01-Feb-2020 05:07

You’re more likely to encounter these nefarious pop-ups on low-quality sites filled with questionable ads from networks that aren’t as good at policing their ads, but it can happen anywhere.The problem is with the website and its code, so you can’t fix it. If you encounter this junk on a random web page you find from Google or Facebook, just tap the back button and get away from it. It’s a big internet, and you can find something similar elsewhere.These pop-ups are a scam, just like the scammy phone calls that tell you you’ve won a fabulous free vacation. The website owner doesn’t want this junk on their website.Legitimate ad networks don’t want this garbage, either.Ads like these shouldn’t exist, but they sometimes pop up.

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As you can see in the picture below, the redirection chain goes through multiple hoops before reach its final destination, the exploit kit landing page.

Other redirects might take you directly to a page on your phone’s app store, hoping you’ll install the app.

Or they might show you scantily clad women and push a dating website. But how did a fake message like that get on an otherwise legitimate website? This advertisement contains Java Script code that navigates away from the current web page to a new web page, and that new web page includes a scammy pop-up message.

On the other hand, if you run into this type of redirect on a website you’re familiar with and expect better from, you might want to contact the website owner or the website’s support team and report a problem.

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They won’t be happy about that scammy pop-up either, and they’ll want to fix it.We tend to just navigate away from websites that show scammy pop-ups and look for better ones.

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