Dating someone with esteem problems

30-Aug-2020 14:38

In some cases, people with extremely low self-esteem will blame every shortcoming on themselves.

This behavior can greatly affect one’s social life as some people might find it annoying in the long run.

It’s an issue that should be immediately addressed as it can greatly affect your interpersonal relationships, and that includes your career, friends, and family.

If you believe that you’re suffering from low self-esteem, knowing is the first step to improving your confidence and outlook in life.

Remind yourself that everything is not your fault, and everyone will not automatically hate you for committing minor mistakes.

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They have a black-and-white, all-or-nothing frame of mind, so anything less than perfection-even at a small margin-is not good enough. Ultimately, they stop trying to achieve anything, and may display lethargy, withdraw from relationships, and start neglecting regular self-care habits such as brushing hair, showering, washing clothes, or even eating. They fear doing something that may confirm their long-held suspicion that they are indeed failures, and also fear doing things that may bring the risk of others seeing their inadequacies. Low self esteem may be a psychological concern, but without proper intervention it can affect many other areas in life, and keep you or your loved one from living a happy and fulfilled life.

Self esteem is a person’s ability to maintain a sense of competency and satisfaction in oneself.

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