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08-Jun-2020 03:42

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I was listening to the local sports radio station who were talking about the change of pace rules and how young people aren't into the game anymore -- the average age of caller was like 50 that day.

(They mentioned it to make a point)Hell, the other active mod of /u/motorcitykitties is also female! I went out there to see the Tigers last year (One of my best friends is a Mariners half season ticket holder). Pretty much the only people I talk to about sports are my dad and people on reddit. I don't watch Hockey, which makes me a weirdo in Detroit, I meet a ton of Red Wings fans.... Most of my friends aren't into sports that much so they're impressed that I know the names of players...

(The answer is no, because I once met Mindy Kaling and selfied the shit out of it.)Sports, in the professional and recreational senses, are boys’ clubs.

So, on November 3rd, 2016 at approximately a.m., when the Chicago Cubs won the World Series after a virtual lifetime of being branded the lovable losers (they hadn’t won a championship since 1908 — that’s before television, the Titanic and the admission of Oklahoma to the Union), I absolutely lost it. Do I use exclamation points or keep it somber for impact? The picture I was about to post is of me, as a six-year-old, freaking out at a Cubs game. Was I really debating how much my level and sincerity of fandom would be scrutinized?Apparently guys just don't like baseball around these parts haha. I went out with a guy a few times last year, and every time the Tigers won he was confused why we didn't play the bottom of the 9th.... My friends are still surprised by how much I watch sports and are even more surprised when I start talking about them. I used to watch basketball but the Pistons have been pretty hard to watch. once I mentioned OBP and people looked at me funny. This is one example of why I am addicted to reddit. Many of the cities and towns would have well-established professional baseball leagues, and also hundreds or thousands of baseball fans and aspiring athletes.

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So wherever you are from America to Canada, Japan, Australia, or any other baseball-loving country, you can use the Baseball Friends Date site to connect and meet singles with a passion for the best game on the planet; Baseball.I tend to tell the guys I got out with how much I like baseball, and it's like they don't really notice until we start going out for a while then suddenly it's a problem.