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When reading this, imagine the type of woman you think would be able to land a man with some of these characteristics, then look at her photos at the bottom. He should have the kind of mind that hears something once and remembers it forever. Woody Allen: He used to write extensively for The New Yorker in the ’60s, critiquing popular culture through the lens of Archimedes or Freud. He has to understand all the inside jokes and have the same set of shared experiences. It will be too difficult for me to fake a belief in God. He was wickedly smart, had a dark sense of humor, and was incredibly sexy. He has to be a little smarter than me, and outwit me some of the time. Someone with an acerbic, intellectual wit: Larry David created and writes Curb Your Enthusiasm, and along with Jerry Seinfeld also co-created the Seinfeld TV series, launching a whole new genre of observational comedy. He should know how to survive long shul services on nothing more than a few hard candies from his bubbie’s purse and a promise that if he will just sit still for five minutes, everyone can stop for ice cream on the way home. He was from the East Coast, had a bit of an accent, and wore glasses. “Jim, I’ve figured out what I was doing wrong,” Ron told me quite earnestly.“I was dating without having a clear vision of what I was looking for.” “I thought you were looking for , Ron! “Don’t you think it was pretty clear what you were seeking? “Sure I was looking for a wife, but I didn’t have a checklist of the qualities she needed to have. I can’t go through another date like the one with John, the fake orthopedic surgeon. Career must be important but not all-consuming (like mine). If he says he’s a doctor, he needs to produce actual ID on the spot.

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I tried to experiment in college, but the one time I smoked pot I felt nauseated and fell asleep on my roommate’s friend, who was visiting from somewhere in West Virginia. I certainly don’t want someone who is into drugs now. He has to understand a sensible work-life balance, since I don’t. ” However, a few months after entering the dating scene again, Ron announced to me that he had found a woman who met all 12 points on his checklist. Could it be that Ron’s dating woes were finally going to come to an end?