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Detailing forced contracts as long as two years paid only at the end of contract in Cote d'Ivoire, Congo and Madagascar for cotton plantations, forestry, and public works.

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He argues that customary law and French appointed chiefs allowed formal slavery to continue in some areas up to the 1920s, and the social relationship to survive through independence.

He will have to consult with the State Department within the united states, or with any officials of his home country with regards to rules and regulations for traveling and immigration.

The beginning of the direct colonial period in the 19th century brought general dislocation, warfare, and large population movements, especially in the southern forest zones of West Africa, as the French moved in from the West and South in the 1860s—90s.

This might lessen the need for women to go to school. With the right circumstances in place, these women have an excellent chance of bringing back order and content.This decree also recognized monogamy as the only legal form of marriage and allowed couples to marry without parental consent.