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He managed to always make his relationships a priority — from his bond with his cast mates to the inspiration he's found in his grandmother. Cameron Boyce has heard of "closing the god—n door," mostly because he worked with pop rockers Panic!At The Disco in 2008, just a couple years after their breakout hit "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" skyrocketed them into fame.we don't get to take what we have right now, with us." He continued, "We all have material things, we all have things that we own …

Though the young actor was the one who was initially starstruck, he clearly left an impact on Sandler, too. "It was a bad way of dealing with fame, but it's a scary feeling to know that everybody is looking at you all the time." Thankfully, Boyce found his way out of the darkness and decided to use his success to boost the profile of his charity work.

He later won the Pioneering Spirit Award at the 9th Annual Thirst Gala for bringing attention to the Global Water Crisis.

He even had the opportunity to meet Joe Biden at the 2019 Biden Courage Awards.

According to co-star Dove Cameron) might not recognize him in the video, Panic!

's super stans absolutely do, and they don't let the Disney Channel star forget it. ] when I got cast, and I still get hate because of it," Boyce told "Panic! It's funny, a lot of times they'll comment on my pictures and tell me how lucky I was to be in their presence." That same year, Boyce performed alongside Kiefer Sutherland in the horror flick The latter was just a small foreshadowing into Boyce's future career with Disney.Boyce sought to follow in their footsteps and hoped his philanthropy would be the legacy he left behind.