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13-Jan-2020 16:14

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Their kids are shacking up because they’re still rebelling and don’t want to follow the rules.This behavior is dominating our society, and for parents, it’s like being up against Goliath. Parents have to spend a lot more time being invested and involved with their kids. Realize that if you are going to have kids, you have a huge responsibility ahead of you.If women are going to represent themselves as sex objects, then there will be no equality between males and females.I get so many calls from parents concerned about their kids being out of control and acting like they are adults in committed relationships.Do you want it to be you or their buddies and the media?

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There's some truth in all that, but real life is not so cut and dry.My advice: If you are single with kids - don't live with anyone until you are married. Moving boyfriends / girlfriends in that end up leaving in a year to be replaced by the next is not healthy.

And that’s on top of the human feelings of betrayal, shame and dishonor of knowing your girl didn’t love you enough to not sleep with other men, as well as the mental images you’ll have for a lifetime of her being sexually active with her lovers. To begin with — especially in light of what I am about to write below — I want to affirm you in your belief that premarital sex is everywhere and always a sin, and that it is a sin not only against God, but against one’s eventual spouse.… continue reading »

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