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The cold had caused the floo network to act up due to some fireplaces not being able to be lit.“Yes Stefan, he is a lovely boy.

I bet he will be strong and able to endure much due to being born this night," she replied, her soft deep blue eyes sparkling.

Das Lokal bietet einen gemütlichen Rahmen für ungestörtes Turteln und erste Annäherungsversuche.

Mit einer kleinen Karte ausgestattet ist dieses Restaurant der Garant für frisch zubereitete Mahlzeiten und tollen Service.

"In a time when darkness had been thought to pass but returns; she who is strength and knowledge to the Hope will stand bold.

With her aid, the Hope will overcome darkness at last.

Romantisch im Sommer oder eng aneinander gekuschelt an kühlen Herbstabenden lassen sich hier ungestörte Stunden zu zweit verbringen.

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She almost hadn’t made it due to the winter weather.

The wood paneled room was warm and smelled of herbs, sweat, and blood, but that was to be expected with a birth.