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Intimacy has nothing to do with dick pics or other gratuitous nudity. He was stammering a little as he suggested the day and time he would be at my house to pick me up. Our relationship developed slowly as we navigated life in college and evolved into young adults. He’s not some troglodyte with an over-zealous libido.

Nothing wrong with porn, but it is definitely not what intimacy looks like. We experienced things for the first time together and we fell in love. How could we have forgotten the beauty of the dance? OK to be completely honest, none of the above sexting exchange really happened. Just a regular guy who can be clumsy at communicating, especially with the anonymity of the interwebs between us.

Bring your own device, or BYOD, may be a short-lived trend, though, thanks in part to a recent Supreme Court decision where the justices unanimously ruled that police must get a warrant to search someone’s cellphone.

“Modern cellphones, as a category, implicate privacy concerns far beyond those implicated by the search of a cigarette pack, a wallet or a purse,” Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in his opinion for the court.

Firstly, the sudden urge to critique myself: So am I a deviant? Secondly, how did this conversation devolve so quickly into sexting? No surprise that that relationship ended badly, and the reason I’m back on Bumble. There’s so much experimentation and radical porn confusing the issue. But under the spotlight in that seedy bar, surrounded by exuberant millennials calling out more and more risqué scenarios, I froze. After all, she’s been whispering “you’re a prude” in my ear for almost forty years. Apparently everyone else was perfectly comfortable going full monty. I moved forward in life with shameful questions about my body, my sexuality, whether I was too uptight, whether I was a prude, whether I was ‘deviant’ enough. This is exactly what is wrong with online dating today.

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“When a corporation gives you your i Phone, it’s still their i Phone,” says Max Silber, executive director of mobility at Met Tel, a telecom consulting company.This keeps employees aware but also protects them in case there’s litigation down the line.