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09-Nov-2020 05:17

Presented here is a comprehensive generic model, based on a wide review of other models.Note that it focuses on growth of the relationship and does not include subsequent breakdown stages.Possibly within the first contact and possibly in subsequent meetings there is an exchange of information which allows each person to refine their impression of the other person and decide whether they want to continue with the relationship.Exchange at this level typically includes a seeking of common factors such as origins, hobbies, families, friends, work and so on.There is also information exchange which helps with the next stage of deciding where to take the relationship.A typical question to help this is 'What do you do?If there is a third person helping out, they may volunteer information, for example where a friend is 'match-making' or a company researches prospects for a salesperson.With enough information, the motivation for a relationship begins.

Relationships developed through a number of stages.

This starts with proposals and continues with 'dates' in which pre-planned activities are jointly carried out.