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25-Apr-2020 23:59

Somebody brought up a situation that they walked into, and I simply asked the question, ‘wow, well do you know if Eddie’s gay or not?

’ I asked a question based off of the information that was being given to me.

It surprised me the story that I heard in that moment because I hadn’t heard that story before, and I was like, ‘wow, like that’s pretty, pretty interesting.'”Slade adds, “The truth is, is that nobody cares whether Eddie is gay, isn’t gay.

I think what people care about is that Tamra could potentially be lying about it, and she’s manufacturing, you know, in our opinion, she’s manufacturing a relationship for television.”Gretchen asserts that we would feel the same way if we knew what she heard.

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DO YOU THINK SLADE HAS BEEN WORKING IN SECRET THIS WHOLE TIME? After Jeff’s death, Gretchen started a relationship with serial Housewife-dater Slade Smiley during Season 5.None of her fellow RHOC co-stars were supportive of the match.Because they’re just like at some point they’re like the lids going to get blown and it’s gonna make such great TV.”Gretchen reveals how stressful it is being on The Real Housewives of Orange County, “The night before the reunion show I literally was on my floor, curled up, hurled up in a bottle and I—fetal position.

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And I looked at him [Slade Smiley] and I was like I’m going to wake up and have cancer from this show…I felt like I was losing my own self integrity through the show because you just have to kinda become this other person then, then what you really are in your real life in order to stay involved in it.”She says that we will only see her on one episode this season.“The story that was told to us, it would make any of you sitting here go, ‘wait a minute, so is he gay or is he like; is he intimate? ’ Like, it would make any of you question that.”Slade thinks Tamra‘s claims of being a Christian are crap.

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