How to handle dating someone going through a divorce myseniorsdating com

01-Feb-2020 23:46

Your divorce will probably be one of the most intense emotional experiences you’ll ever face. I had all these powerful emotions hit me one after another, often in a confusing and frightening way. The world of divorce can feel like a tornado has come through your life and wiped away all that was familiar and safe.I thought of it as being tied up, blind-folded and stuffed into the front seat of a runaway roller coaster.

Solution #3: Acceptance The only way to get through the loneliness is to accept that it’s a natural part of the healing process of divorce.

My loneliness told me to be sad that he was gone, but when I shared with my friend and she recalled her experience of my ex I could start to see a more realistic accounting of my him and our story. My feelings of loneliness, of being abandoned, my fear that I would never find love again or that I was doomed to die alone, husbandless and lonely, had a direct effect on the stories I recalled in my mind when I was sad.

Talking with someone you trust () can be an exceptionally good way to hold a realistic mirror up and look back on the truth. And that can help you in moments when you’re feeling the most lost and lonely to keep it in perspective.

These emotions often include denial, fear, hope, anger, loss, guilt, confusion, rejection and loneliness.

I think the loneliness was the hardest for me and that’s why I’ve developed some very specific strategies for how to deal with loneliness of divorce.

Hold this hug for a bit and after a while you’ll notice that you’re taking deeper breaths.