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06-May-2020 21:27

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The highlighted post will be the first thing page visitors see after your cover.Just don’t make the mistake of highlighting every post, as it will only confuse users.Determine the content of your topics that you’ll share and stick to them, and determine your brand voice.People should know what to expect when they visit your Facebook page.

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Simply adjust the content to your specific business.

Stay relevant in the eyes of Facebook users and create interesting posts about the seasons, sports events, or even holidays, while, of course, staying on brand.

Don't voice politically charged or religious based content unless it fits your overall message.

Mix up your content with photos, posts with links, and videos.

A Facebook page should have a certain overall design but also provide variety in the types of content shared.

If you regularly post quotes, sales or specific campaigns, create a strong base template for each style of visual post.