Irridating aluminum

22-Sep-2020 04:05

The ability to evaluate the effectiveness of a design can improve design and reduce design cycle time.

A fluores- cence dye will be seeded in the coolant flow.

Phase II will use the technique to evaluate the effectiveness of various designs.

Planar imaging and LIF provide a quantitative assessment of mixing of jets issuing into a crossflow, which is of primary relevance in many engineering applications.

Existing Active Clearance Control schemes are successful in controlling steady-state cruise clearances.

Current advancement in sensor, actuator, and control technologies make the idea of controlling transient compressor and engine clearances viable.

The for asymmetric ribs include gas turbine blades for aircraft engines and rotors of electrical rotating machinery.

The proposed investigation aims at obtaining uniform distributions of regional and local heat transfer coefficients through mass transfer experiments and by using the analogy between heat and mass transfer.