Is audrina patridge still dating justin bobby

05-Sep-2020 16:06

Let's take a look through their relationship timeline — and see just how far we haven't come.Justin Bobby and Audrina actually met a few years prior, when he and Audrina were working at Quixote Studios.The pair announced an end to their 10-month marriage and in the same week the mum-of-one filed a restraining order against her ex for allegedly ‘pushing her’ while holding their baby.After 10 years of dating Corey on and off, the reality star is officially single again in time to reunite with stars of The Hills for a reboot of the show that made her famous in 2006. I feel like we did a lot of the hard years on-camera."[She's] my pride and joy and she is literally like an angel sent from God. I just need a moment...""I feel like Audrina is in a very vulnerable, fragile state," Heidi adds. It does remind me and make me so thankful for the awesome marriage that I'm so blessed to have with Spencer [Pratt]."Midway through the clip, Audrina then brings up her former longtime love, Justin Bobby, while talking to Heidi about "the people you want around you and the people you want around your child.""Justin, I just feel like he's changing his whole demeanor toward me," Audrina explains."Whether we've hooked up or dated in the past or not, how he's speaking of me and treating me despite everything, that's where it's really hurting me."While this brings back so many feels for the OG fans of the original Heidi says in a solo clip that a Justin-Audrina reunion probably isn't the best idea."I think Justin and Audrina have this sacred bond.

"We've known each other for so long and gone through so much stuff together, so how could there not.""We're in and out," he continued.

That’s what the producers/writers of The Hills want!