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Yawning, Harry decided to check the time and his eyes grew wide; he was late for breakfast! Hermione gave Harry a calculating look before she took off to catch up with the redhead. " That acquired not only his attention, but everyone else's attention too. I woke up late…" with red tinted cheeks and a sheepish appearance, Harry couldn't look at anybody when he spoke. The Great Hall suddenly seemed too quiet; everyone wanted to know the answer. I woke up late this morning; because I was tired from last night you know…" and added a wink at the slightly blushing teen. He would not look anywhere else but at the table in front of him. Harry cupped Draco's chin with his other hand and kissed him slowly out of passion. Ginny looked as pale as Nearly Headless Nick while all the Slytherins – bar Pansy – were grinning or hooting. Sometimes even just looking at certain things or smelling will get me throw up." said a distressed Draco. It's a good thing that today is Saturday, if not then the teachers would end up with problems giving out class's schedules since most of the students will be in the hospital wing. Malfoy" Professor Dumbledore winked at them both before he shooed them out of the great hall to deal with the mess the engaged couple created. at Gryffindor dorm.0 It was after dinnertime when Harry got back from his outing with Draco. Who would have thought that he's going to be a father soon!

As fast as he could, Harry sprinted out of the dorm to meet Hermione and Ron in the common room. Harry sighed; he managed to escape from the questions for now, but knowing his best friend, he wouldn't be able to put it off for very long. He was extremely hungry to the point where he thought he could eat a hippogriff! He suddenly found the food on his plate extremely interesting to stare at. Suddenly footsteps sounded through the hall, echoing. Here is yours…" Draco Malfoy held out a Gryffindor tie in his hand, and stood behind Harry's back with a half smirk-half smile playing on his lips. Surprised that Draco was standing behind him, Harry turned around and looked at Draco with a mixture of horror and shock at the blond. Recovered from his shock, Harry quickly replied with a small smirk of his own. Harry risked a glance at the teachers' table and saw Professor Snape looking on at them in disdain. The Headmaster, however, proved to be twinkling and smiling down at them. Although he was still embarrassed after the little episode. After their announcement, Draco and he went straight to Madame Pomfrey because Draco had been throwing up every morning for the past week.

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Harry looked groggily at Ron but he was already out of the room. Annoyed, Ginny yelled out, "I SAID, ARE YOU WEARING A SLYTHERIN TIE?! I wasn't aware that I'm wearing the wrong tie; I was in a rush you know… His face flushed out of anger because of the humiliation Harry had just put him through. Here, let me make it up to you then," Harry purred while circling his hand around the still fuming teen's waist; all while ignoring the rest of the world. The two of them hadn't known Harry was gay, and the worst part of him coming out in front of them, was indeed that it was Malfoy kissing him. Most of the student body most likely need to have a check up in the hospital wing now because of shock.

Harry stepped aside to let Madame Pomfrey do her job.

Normally throwing up without any actual illness could only mean…

He then stood behind Draco and put his hand on his lover's shoulder.

"Sorry guys, slept late last night…." said Harry looking very sheepish. Finally, Harry reached the Great Hall and managed to eat. Everyone gasped; they could never imagine that Harry Potter would wear Draco Malfoy's tie! Draco had a mischief glint in his bright grey eyes and his smirk grew wider. And it's a playful smirk, not the usual 'I'm insulting you sneer! The rest of the teachers stared amazedly at the two, eyes wide and mouths agape. Upon their arrival at the hospital wing, Madame Pomfrey looked grimly upon them.

Hermione was about to question him when Ron cut her before she could open her mouth. Ginny, who was sitting in the opposite direction of him, looked at him eating with some interest. It was obvious in the seat she was in that it indeed was. Harry looked at his now official boyfriend, wanting to say something, but the blonde god spoke first, "Nice move Mr. now we have the whole school gawking at us, well, nearly all of them." Draco rolled his eyes and then glanced at the Slytherins.

" Both Harry and Draco stared at Madame Pomfrey in confusion.

This gave her time to interject and ask her own question, "First of all Misters Potter and Malfoy, what are you planning to do regarding having children? "I mean what is your decision when it comes to having children.

Il soutient François Fillon lors du congrès de 2012 pour la présidence de l'UMP Très impliqué dans les questions d'éthique, notamment médicales, Jean Leonetti a présidé la « Mission parlementaire sur l’accompagnement de la fin de vie » en 2004, qui a conduit à la rédaction d'un rapport Léonetti 1, le 30 juin 2004.