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Carlos said to James and Kendall, "You can't force someone to fall in love so maybe you should let him find love on his own terms instead of pushing him"Logan walked in on him saying this so he responded, "Exactly, Carlos.

I'm going to find love when I'm ready, not when I'm dragged out kicking and screaming." It is believed that you find love when you least expect it and that was what had happened to Logan What are your first impressions of Logan and the boys from Big Time Rush?

Just like those actresses, she comes across as self-assured and more than a little rapacious, the starlet who will not be denied. From certain angles, she reminds you of Valerie Bertinelli in , the tomboy all gussied up.

The singer and actress Selena Gomez, who turned eighteen last month (and who for many years was Lovato’s best friend), has a look that’s at once softer and starker. It’s only when her smile twists, as if she’s laughing at a private joke she has no intention of sharing, that you wonder if there might be a mean girl lurking within.

Perhaps it’s gross to be speaking of two barely legal Texans as nothing more than objects to be sized up.

Then again, Lovato and Gomez both made their name on the Disney Channel, an entire network devoted to the commodification of teenagers.

These days, when Twitter feeds and reality programming convince us we’re having a “personal” relationship with celebrities, when even people who aren’t stars obsess about the public relations value of their actions, it just seems like their last gasp of fresh air before the fame monster swallows them whole.

Logan Henderson believes he's not ready to find love but he then meets writer Melody Prince.

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It’s a commonplace tale, yet Lovato and Gomez hint at a new iteration of the kid star, less a victim of aggressive stage parents or cynical studio execs than a wily and willing accomplice.Gomez, who was born and raised in Grand Prairie, broke through first, in 2007, scoring the lead in ), Kelly Clarkson, or any number of Top Models and American Idols who have emerged from the Metroplex in recent years (see “Count Our Lucky Stars”).