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23-May-2020 23:17

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Of course, it doesn’t make sense to talk about Lohan and her descent into…whatever you might call it — maybe madness, or drug addiction, or just the recesses of C-list celebdom (which, for her, has involved bewildering accents and an attempted kidnapping) — as if we had nothing to do with it.Anytime you talk about Lohan, you have to talk about the countless reels of footage of her running away from paparazzi into a club, holding an oversized hobo bag aloft to shield her face from a greedy public obsessed with her downfall.The editing is generous, her appearances are sparing (especially for a show that bears her name), and she’s presented as a firm but generous club mogul who isn’t going to take anyone’s shit because she’s a fucking boss bitch, okay.

just my underwear." It's a pretty honest assessment ...(In the first episode, one host makes out with a guest, something that Spentzos applauds, since that guest turned out to be their highest spender of the night.) Lohan plays a stern but kind mother hen to this bunch of twentysomethings who work for her but are also preoccupied with getting wasted on the beach.Lohan, after all, has a long history of being that twentysomething herself, one whose addictions, namely to alcohol, led to a number of attempts at rehab and more than a few readily available mugshots.Now they’re famous for being famous, attempting to run clothing brands or restaurants or otherwise attempting to create a #Boss Bitch brand on TV.

Here’s Lohan’s turn to try to accomplish the same, a decade after her first few falls from grace.

She’s worked in television, movies, and music; she’s had publicly disastrous relationships with several men and one woman; she’s launched (or attempted to launch) a clothing line, a jewelry line, a production company, and a nightclub, and soon, she’ll have her own goddamn island.