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This is understandable since the Martin customer service department now responds to individual inquiries stating "all" Sigma's had laminate back/sides with solid tops, while Sigma catalogs from the early 70s list the back/side wood as solid.

To complicate matters further, in the 70's Sigma produced a line of guitars clearly identified by Martin, at that time, as having laminate backs and sides: model numbers starting with 52S, e.g., 52SDM-5, 52SDR-7 and 52SGCS-7.

Some solid body electric guitars were made by Tokai Guitars Company, LTD.

D for dreadnought, R for rosewood, M for mahogany and the number denoting the grade of wood, 5, 7, 9, 11, 15.

Later first and second generation Sigma guitars were clearly made of laminate wood for the back and sides, with the exception of several Limited Edition models, such as the D-10 Anniversary guitar.

Other Sigma instruments included mandolins, banjos, acoustic and electric basses and solid body and hollow body electric guitars.

The early 70s models (1970 -1975) can be distinguished by a headstock logo consisting of the single word SIGMA surmounted with the Σ symbol (the Greek letter sigma), in mother of pearl.

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The sigma symbol is often described as a "sideways M."Sigma's made in Japan from 1970 through 1979 used a paper label to identify the model and serial number of the Nazareth, Pennsylvania to be inspected and adjusted by Martin personnel before going to an authorized retail store for sale to the public.