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18-Oct-2020 22:57

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But until then, accept that his child is his first priority.

Dating a guy with kids definitely gave me a different perspective when it comes to my preferences.

He will make time for you if he’s truly invested in getting to know you.

But NEVER think it’s okay to put him in a position where he has to choose between spending time with his kid or quality time with you.

Whether you're the first man she has dated since her divorce or one of several, there's no reason to rush into a meet and greet with the kidlets.

For one thing, they need time to get used to the idea that their mother has her own needs for companionship.

If things get serious and he lets you into that part of his life, then great!

I had to do the math because something wasn’t adding up.

Whether they decide you're the coolest dude on the planet or punctuate every exchange with "You're not my real dad" depends on your confidence in yourself and your readiness for parenthood.