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(I should note here that we only have landlines because we both still live at home. Maybe, but only because it was included in your cable deal. In my groggy state, I rubbed my eyes and checked my text messages to see nothing there. I put my phone down at and didn't pick it up again until 3 p.m., expecting to see a "How's your day going? "Mom, Nick is going to be calling on the house phone! Usually our phone calls are a quick 10- to-15 minute conversation while Nick's driving home or I want to tell him a quick story that would give me thumb cramps to type. We talked about what we had for lunch, and I told him about something cool that happened at work. Instead of a smiley face emoji to show happiness, you can actually hear a smile in their voice or a giggle on the other end of the line.

We graduated college in May, and we're a part of the 38 percent of Millennials who live with their parents post-grad to save money.) I knew this would be hard, but before I sound like the most dramatic human of all time, when was the last time you made plans on a landline? On Tuesday, our last night of texting, one million "I love you's" and sad face emojis were sent. I thought before remembering that this was day one of not using our cellphones for the week. The emotion was overwhelming to my text-jaded soul. When we hung up, I was giddy like that 11-year-old who had to yell to her parents about her phone call. Usually on Thursday, Nick and I send each other texts about how we're so damn excited that it's almost the weekend, as you do on a Thursday.

This week was proving to be a memory test that I was completely failing. As someone in an eight-year relationship, I clearly don't have commitment issues, but goddamn, committing to a Friday night plan 24 hours in advance was giving me anxiety. He would leave work a little late and pick me up from the station, then we'd go to dinner. I told him to meet me in his signature parking spot, and that if he doesn't see me get off of the then I'd be there at . I hadn't seen him in a full week since he was away for work the previous weekend, and talking to him so little made me miss him more than ever. When I got in the car, we were both laughing and congratulated each other.

Usually if I forget to tell Nick something, I just shoot him a text that's like, "Oh! I gushed about our dinner plans to any innocent bystander. (I did, and it didn't.) When the train pulled in, I ran to the spot where I told Nick to meet me. How clever we were, to meet at a train station without Nick had to work that afternoon, and we made plans for him to pick me up after his shift so we could go out with friends.

I got my first cell phone when I was 12 years old and started dating my boyfriend, Nick, when I was 14.

We knew each other IRL, but our entire eight-year relationship exists in our phones.

Nick and I were going to go a week without any electronic communication. The rules were that we had to date like people did before cell phones and the Internet — no texting, no Snapchat, no Gchat, nothing. (2) If you use a non-cordless phone, like I almost did, it's like you are in a 5-foot prison cell of your own conversation.

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He called me that night and, as every other phone call, it was great, but I was feeling really over having to use a house phone to talk to him.

I haven't felt that much anticipation for a date in, well, maybe ever?

Opening the door to see Nick standing there felt like it was my birthday, and not a crappy one, but like my 21st or something.

The main problem I have is men only being interested in me for sex or being blatantly sexual when they first approach me.

I am a very attractive black woman with a curvy body and I often feel like guys want black women for sex, particularly men of other races.A fun thing I did to preoccupy myself, as a young basic twentysomething does, was take a shit ton of selfies. Since it was earlier than our usual phone call time, I was able to call him back when I forgot to tell him something. that morning for work, and when I called him at 10, he was already asleep.