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Many of these tests will be performed multiple times throughout your treatment journey to help determine how well your treatment is working and which treatment should be used next.

Some people who have been diagnosed with a disease like multiple myeloma want to know their exact probability of survival. It’s a very personal decision, and either approach is perfectly fine.

The diagnosis of multiple myeloma is made when clear end-organ damage attributable to the plasma cell proliferative disorder or when findings that suggest a high likelihood of their development are present.

Distinguishing symptomatic multiple myeloma that requires treatment from the precursor stages of monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance and smouldering multiple myeloma is important, as observation is the standard for those conditions.

Indeed, an increasing proportion of patients are achieving lasting remissions, raising the possibility of cure for this disease.

Success will probably depend on using combinations of effective agents and treating patients in the early stages of disease, such as patients with smouldering multiple myeloma.

With the Durie-Salmon Staging System, the stage of multiple myeloma is determined based on four measurements: the amount of hemoglobin and the level of calcium in the blood, the number of bone lesions, and the production rate of M protein.

Stages are then further divided according to kidney function.