Opinions on madating hpv vaccine

05-Jun-2020 11:21

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The flu vaccine is the most effective method to prevent influenza.The effectiveness of the vaccine depends on a number of factors, including the accuracy of the match between vaccine strains and circulating strains and the age and health of the recipient.These include but are not limited to inpatient and outpatient areas where patients may be seen, evaluated, treated, or wait to be seen; and areas where patients are transported or visiting. Refer to your respective entity policy for complete definitions.How effective are flu vaccines, especially since virus strains keep changing?

Check with your local Occupational Health for information about flu vaccination, including locations and times.Studies have found that health care personnel with influenza-like symptoms work an average of 2.5 days while ill, and those infected with influenza can transmit the virus to others even before their symptoms begin.Additionally, their absenteeism can stress a health care facility or system.Influenza vaccine does not protect against other respiratory viral infections that occur during winter months.

Public health officials have a good track record of predicting the three main flu strains that will cause the most illness during each flu season.

In Maryland alone, 36 hospitals have already adopted a mandatory influenza vaccination policy, with four more planning to implement this season. All Johns Hopkins Medicine entities have adopted a mandatory vaccination policy. The mandatory influenza vaccination program applies to all individuals, employees, faculty, staff, residents and fellows, temporary workers, trainees, volunteers, students, vendors and voluntary medical staff, regardless of employer, who provide services to patients or work in patient care or clinical care areas, including acute and chronic care hospitals, outpatient facilities and clinics.

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