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I remember this in particular as this same person who used to refer to Night Ranger as “Night Scrounger” a few years earlier when the band’s tepid, arena rock delivery was all over Midwestern radio.

I came into their backstage area-an air conditioned trailer that held some folding chairs, a plastic folding table that held an ice-filled bucket full of beverages and the usual deli meat and cheese assortment, a stuffed couch and an area in back to shower and change.

It was raining that night, with a steady pour that meant you would be soaked within seconds without a poncho.

Instead, Night Ranger was the only gig he had-the same one which began under the name Rubicon several years before they changed the name to Night Ranger.On one particular night, Night Ranger was booked and yours truly was just the man to introduce them to the audience.