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21-Dec-2019 19:49

Despite being able to send it in yourself, you’ll still have to get someone else to take it for you.

So it can’t be a selfie and you still can’t smile but once you’ve snapped your picture, the rest is taken care of.

If this is not possible, it may be submitted in person by someone else unless it is an urgent or express request (you must apply in person yourself for urgent or express service). If you want to pick up your passport in person, you need to pay the additional fee when you apply.

If you need help to complete the form, someone else can fill it in for you. Passports may be picked up by a third party if they provide written consent from the applicant, as well as valid identification.

The forms you complete differ depending on where you are.

Those living in Bermuda, American Samoa, the Midway Islands, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands should select the United States, as the same application steps apply to these countries.

Before this new rule, UK passport applications required two photo prints to be posted in.

They had to be taken by a photobooth machine or professional at a retail outlet.

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All this before you've even had a chance to look up travel advice for your destination.

For newborn babies, the photo may be taken while your child is sitting in a car seat, as long as: If you’re in a wheelchair, we recommend that your photo be taken with a plain white blanket placed over it behind your head.

This is because passport photos must be taken against a plain, uniform white or light-coloured background.

The Home Office will crosscheck the photos against its database using facial recognition.

But the move has raised concerns with photography outlets - fearing they’ll be driven out of business.

This makes sure that your facial features and edges of your face are clear.