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(And the birth of my son).” “What does it matter that two likeable celebrities are dating each other?? If you aren’t into it, that’s fine, but no need to make others feel bad! Maybe people who want to see everyone, especially celebrities they don’t even know and will never know and who have no interest in knowing them, be happily partnered? That said, the celebration of romantic relationships above all others, including the alleged romantic relationship between Smith and Fiennes, actually often does make people who aren’t coupled and those who have no interest in being coupled but still must live in a very coupled world feel bad.If I’m going to have empathy for anyone, it’s going to be for them. Again, it gets back to this weird obsession we (and maybe it’s just Americans?Inside – Artists and Writers in Reading Prison will also see famous artists including Ai Weiwei compose letters about being separated from loved ones by the state.These will then be displayed on some of the prison’s cells, alongside art inspired by the building’s architecture and history.If the biggest thing we celebrate about them is their romantic/sexual life, isn’t that selling them way, way short?I think she's done a lot more stuff in the UK than in the US recently. The most compatible signs with Capricorn are generally considered to be Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces.

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Izdražo je dok nije dospio u krizu srednjih godina a ona dospijela u dob da treba biti baka.

But when Smith posted a loving tribute to Fiennes on Instagram for his birthday, a freelancer linking to it on Twitter presented it this way — “Patti Smith wishing her boyfriend Ralph Fiennes a happy birthday on Instagram is the best thing I’ve seen all day” — and Twitter went bonkers, mostly with people saying, And therein lies the ridiculousness of it all.

Smith and Fiennes, no matter how often they’ve been seen out in public together, maybe even affectionately holding onto each other, have never spoken of each other in those terms.

What if we could be the friend who could help those we care about feel happy, loved and complete whether they were romantically coupled or not?

I love Patti Smith and Ralph Fiennes for who they are, for their amazing talent and creativity as individuals, no matter if they’re romantic partners or just great friends.I sad, nije toliko utjecalo to što je ona imala 61 (psihološka granica u nekom smislu) već njegov gubitak kose, mišićne mase i strah od smrti.