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30-Sep-2020 05:44

Krause said she was at first hesitant about the idea, doubting students would read when they weren’t being tested on it.But she sees students reading more than ever, and teachers in other classes have to tell students to put their books away.At Perfectly Matched, the longest established dating service in Colorado Springs, what sets my matchmaking apart is my personalized service.As a professional matchmaker with over 30 years of success, 27 years with Perfectly Matched, I provide valuable experience and insight to the process of meeting, dating and relationships.The evening begins with some casual socializing around the bar with other 30 something's. We then break out to groups of 10 men/10 women and everyone gets 10 minutes with ten dates.

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I share that feedback with each of them and it is decided if there is enough interest to get together a second time and we move forward from there.

I take matchmaking seriously as well, so there's no game playing on either side.