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I resented her for having taken something from me, even though I didn’t know what that thing was.My husband bonded with her immediately, and I was glad he did, because our nanny ended up replacing most of interaction with her.At one point, he called in sick four days in a row to stay home and make love to me.Luckily having an eight-month-pregnant wife helped with that story!My whole body was humming with excitement, and having people come up to me on the street to feel my stomach was every bit the flattering, glowing experience I thought it would be.I felt like a goddess, in every sense of the word, and my husband couldn’t leave me alone.But I meet with my therapist twice a week, and she helps me with that. I met my husband (with whom I have two children, the only two I have) seven years ago.

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And if you’re not familiar with it, you might judge it, just like I would judge something I didn’t understand. I have a strong, primal impulse, like anyone with an addictive fetish does, and I am alway in the process of balancing it out with the practicalities of real life.My therapist knows about my problem, and is the only person who was able to get me to the doctor’s office for the birth control implant — a small bar under the skin of my upper arm that I constantly, subconsciously scratch at.