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04-Oct-2020 18:58

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Romanian girls are a bit more concentrated on a career.

There are many successful women in Ukraine and Russia but deep inside, they hope their partner will be the main provider. They always do their best to develop their skills and talents, and to participate in a family budget.

They are usually lucky to have very sexy figures and take a great care of their appearance.

only slightly reminds dating a Slavic woman: in both cases, you can observe stronger moral principles and certain family ideals that already hardly exist on the West.

Romanian beauties do not tend to “waste their time” on empty talks, flirting, or short flings.

Instead, they will gladly discuss with you their possible occupations after moving to your country, the principles of kids’ upbringing, and your romantic preferences.

It’s better to learn them before starting to court your Romanian girlfriend or proposing to her.

should always be approved by her parents or older relatives and have serious long-term perspectives.

They rather use these qualities for taking care of their families and surviving in general than for competing and fighting with their men.

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