Ruby speed dating

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" Blake asked."Yep.' Yang said as Blake undid her bindings."Good." Blake said as Yang wrapped her arms around her. ""Damn straight." Blake said, smirking at her girlfriend."I thought you were gay." Yang said, a smirk on her own face as well."And, I keep getting reminded why I love gagging you." Blake said, kissing Yang."It's cause you wanna make me save my breath.' Yang said, grinning."Sure." Blake said, rolling her eyes. Neo nodded ecstatically, licking all of her ice cream cones, enjoying the frozen treats."Are you sure you got enough there? Neo shook her head, something Ruby laughed even harder at."You greedy child." Ruby said, patting her head. "So far I am having a good time on my date.""Great.' Ruby said, grinning.

"So, how did Ruby's day go when we went out on Monday? "Let's go with that.""Alright." Yang said, grinning wider. Neo stuck her tongue out at Ruby, eating her ice cream."I think I'm gonna bring her home.' Ruby said. that I'll mention."Neo shrugged, licking her ice cream. "Hopefully, it will stay that way.""I'm sure it will." Weiss said, smiling to reassure her."Alright." Ruby said. It's about six so I can make dinner and it not be weird.""Alright." Weiss said.

Tell these handsome studs your name, your age, your line of work–the usual.” Extremely awkward; but doable, I thought. This makes me really uncomfortable.” “I don’t like it,” Lingling looks around. Lingling and I braced ourselves for 15 awkward conversations and took a step forward.

“Introductions alone are boring,” our host continues. After the quick line of introductions, we would like you to hand out your red stickers to the men you find most attractive. “It will be the men’s turn to give stickers to the ladies.” “Lingling,” I turned to her and whispered in English so no one could (hopefully) understand. War of the stickers In the end, I gave my stickers to no one.

His expression was apathetic and disinterested, and I could feel the ladies swoon over him. Survival of the Stickers “Hello everyone and welcome,” our host smiles.

“Now first of all, we’re going to have the line of women go up to each man and introduce herself for a few seconds.

Remember, you only have five stickers, so use them sparingly.” I choke on my coffee and start coughing. Blame my morals, or my upbringing, or just plain call it a way to rebel against this ridiculous “game”—but I just couldn’t rank these poor guys on good looks alone.

But, when her best friend Neo helps her get a date with a pretty girl, will she be the one that sticks?

“Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea,” she looks up the stairs in hesitation. Random and broken antiques dotted the tables in an effort to provide ambiance, but failing miserably. Just as Lingling and I were about to bolt, the organizer of the event dragged us to the far end of the room where we found ourselves face to face with 15 men and 15 women.

A strange, musky cologne scent (also similar to my grandmother) permeated the air. We were given name tags and two sets of stickers, 5 blue and 5 red, and told to stand in a line with the women, facing the line of 15 men head on. The Players I look around to check out the other contenders. I counted at least four nerds with pocket protectors, shifting their eyes from the ground to the girls while fumbling their fingers.

The location for the Chinese-Japanese Friendship Group’s speed dating event seemed like a place where love goes to die.

From the outside it looked like a local convenience store, the kind where you can easily purchase 50 cent baijiu (rice liquor) and tar filled cigarettes–maybe even a cell phone charge card. “You know, we’re here already, maybe we should just go up and check it out.” “You’re right,” Lingling nodded.On the other side of the door, she could hear two voices."Oh, Emerald, you sure know how to work me over." One said."Well, you're the one who wanted me to lay you out." The other said. "I promise you it can work though.""A-alright.' Ruby said, nodding as she decided to trust Cinder, something that had taken years even before the psychological sessions."so" Cinder said, smirking. " Ruby asked."If you want." Weiss said, blushing a little."A-alright.' Ruby said.

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