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20-May-2020 01:30

It’s not like it’s located on a hill top somewhere in the middle of nowhere, where shagging sheep is accustomed. Obviously I can only speculate, but I suspect the following reasons have something to do with their failure…Tepilo is still in it’s nappy stages; it’s only been around since mid 2009, so like a baby it’s still squeezing green diarrhoea through the pipes.I submitted a few searches and discovered they don’t have many properties available for rent on there.I didn’t even receive a spam email from the Ambassador of Nigeria or an invitation to get my penis enlarged!I’ve left my advert active on Tepilo, despite the fact I have successfully found new tenants, because strangely enough, receiving no enquiries is exactly the same as ‘receiving no enquiries’.I’ll be sticking to websites that can get my property across platforms like Rightmove & Zoopla, like Open Rent. I’d just like to clarify, just because Tortilla didn’t work for me, it’s not to say it won’t work for anyone else. Update: Tepilo’s website seems to have gone through major renovation since I wrote this review, and it definitely appears to be more functional.However, I still won’t be using their service again, because it doesn’t appear like their service has improved with the redesign – they’ve managed to rack-up quite an impressive collection of horrendous ratings and feedback on Trust Pilot. The so called 'Tepilo Team' as well as the Google photographers are as incompetent as each other.

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Secondly, I don’t think the website generates much traffic.

Unless Torpedo do something dramatic to beef up lead generation I probably won’t bother using their platform again. Writing this disappointing review actually hurt because I’m a huge Sarah Beeny fan.

At least, not for trying to fill a vacant rental property. I currently have mascara running down my cheeks, and I think a part of me just died. I hope she understands (I’m confident she does) that vacant properties costs landlords stacks of money, so relying on Torpedo to find tenants is currently financial suicide.

If someone said, “yeah, check out the website Tepilo if you want to sell your house”, the average person would probably look bewildered and say, “What? Websites like “Rightmove” and “Gumtree” are easy to remember because they’re a combination of two every day words that EVERYONE uses – “RIGHT” and “MOVE”.

Anyways, the branding decision for Teplilo always urked me.In my opinion, the name Tepilo is their Achilles heal.

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