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Will you please ******* can be taken like this...i didn't ask that so quit thinking that thats something i did ask.

I know its you asking the one at his or her computer but some wouldn't know..bad for them hey?

“As long as the character was aware of what genitals it had.”Today’s commercial sex robots rely on hard-coding stereotypes into submissive silicone forms, creating moral panic everywhere their dead Siri voices fall on sensitive ears.

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The product was a customizable doll—no brain, just a vessel.

Think about it: The people interviewed in sex robot stories are never surprised to find themselves besotted with an inanimate object.

In other words, the people who were going to be interested in having sex with a Real Doll knew they were interested in that kind of sex before Real Dolls existed. Where he saw a hyperrealistic mannequin, the occasional onlookers saw a potential sex partner.

Sex robots are here, and their AI-enabled pseudosexuality isn’t long behind. Almost nobody buys sex robots—they’re expensive, they’re heavy, they don’t fit in a bedside drawer.

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The idea that the future of sex will be slavering over custom-made silicon replicas is as interesting as it is unlikely.

As the years went on, some of Mc Mullen’s clients joined the Doll Forum online and crafted backstories for their “love dolls,” complete with hometowns and fashion senses.