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The next wave of inhabitants were the Attawandaron nation, the Neutrals, who occupied the region from about 1350 until their absorption by the Iroquois in the year 1651.

The last significant native nation to occupy the area was the Mississaugas.

However, the practicing dentist of that time choose to retire after serving the community since the 1930s.

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Walking through Port Rowan is simple provided that caution is taken around traffic.

Port Rowan's earliest known inhabitants, from around the year 1000 until approximately 300–350 years later, were the Algonquin nation.

They were noted flint-workers and evidence of the skill in crafting arrowheads is still to be found in open worked field areas surrounding the hamlet.

They have a very good selection of items on the menu that include donuts, French fries, hamburgers (the house specialty comes with bacon and cheese), and cakes.

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The service is friendly and is a favorite among locals.Need a little post March Break road trip maintenance?