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16-May-2020 16:13

Thankfully there are many online tools available, but how do you pick one?Keep in mind that the essence of qualitative usability testing is to gather behavioral insights, by watching people interact with an interface.You’ll find that most tools provide sample tasks, which can be good suggestions, but don’t blindly copy them.The tasks that you give participants to do on your site or application are highly specific to your situation.In summary: There’s no point in watching people use your system if they don’t match your target audience.Make sure you have some control over who participates in the test either through screening questions or by recruiting your own participants.Unmoderated sessions require a more complex platform than moderated remote sessions, for which online-meeting software such as Go To Meeting is enough.

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The ability to video-record the participant via webcam allows you to observe participants’ facial expressions and potentially extract supplementary information about how they feel while they are doing the task.

For foreign users, an additional consideration is how to get their comments translated into your language. In summary: The activities that you want the participants to conduct have to be even more carefully written than the tasks for moderated sessions.

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